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The name of the vine comes from two words indicating both the
black color, the Latin NIGRA and the Greek MAVRO, used in
combination to emphasize the intense black, dark color of both the
grape skin and the wine obtained.
It is the most widespread variety in the provinces of Lecce and
Brindisi and is the variety in most of the red and rosé wines of
these two provinces.
In recent years it has become important for consumers as well as
for the excellent organoleptic characteristics also for the healthy
aspect due to the high content of resveratrol.
Orpheus is full, harmonious, with an intensely fruity and ethereal
scent. It has complex tannins on the palate and perfect acidity
combined with spice and plum flavors.

Orfeo Negroamaro

  • Salento, in an area that goes from Taranto to Brindisi, exposed to
    the breeze of the Ionian and the Adriatic.

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