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It is one of the most common grape varieties in the world. It is present
throughout Italy and has been the object of particular interest in Puglia
where it is fairly widespread. Accurate Vinification, especially in purity,
allows to get high quality wines, intensely fruity on the nose, which
becomes very pleasant bouquet after the step of aging. The basic condition
to reach the great success of Numen, is the right ripeness of the grapes; the
harvest, which is done with boxes of 5 kilos; the period of pre-withering
with high concentration of substances contained in the pulp. Crushing and
pressing need to respect the skin integrity for a better maceration in presses,
which lasts 8-9 hours at a temperature of 10°C. The separated must from the
solid parts, is fined and then inoculated with selected yeasts to ferment in
American and French oak barrels. After fermentation, the wine is left in
contact with the dregs, which are periodically shuffled to the liquid part
through an operation called "batonage". It increases the structure and the
roundness of the wine, thanks to the substances released by the yeasts.

Numen Chardonnay

  • Salento, in the south-west province of Brindisi, 1 km far from the Adriatic

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