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Villa Parens Winery: Embracing Nature's Perfection in Friulian Wines

In the serene landscapes of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Villa Parens Winery stands as a beacon of winemaking excellence, where the perfection of nature is not just respected but celebrated. As a prominent wine distributor, Wine Affairs is proud to bring the unique character of Villa Parens' wines to the Upper West Side of Manhattan, offering a taste of Italy's renowned Frulian province to wine enthusiasts.

Villa Parens, a historic winery at the heart of Friuli, is more than just a place; it's a philosophy of wine production that intertwines with the land's natural rhythm. Since 1983, the winery has been a pioneer in Friuli, utilizing a pneumatic press for product selection and an exclusive inert gas process to protect 100% of the musts from oxidation. This gentle "soft pressing" technique, akin to the pressure of fingers, preserves the color, typicality, and aromatic potential of the grapes, resulting in fresh, pleasant, and fruity white and rosé wines.

The winery's commitment to sustainability and consumer health is paramount. Embracing a philosophy that views the Earth not as an inheritance from our ancestors but as a loan to our children, Villa Parens has adopted sustainable viticulture and agriculture practices. This approach includes manual planting of vines for better rooting and faster development, and handpicking of grapes for optimal selection and cleanliness. The winery strives to optimize the use of adjunct products, choosing them based on actual risk of disease or damage to the vine, thereby promoting natural weed control, healthy plant growth, and combating anomalies and parasites.

Villa Parens' wines are a reflection of their dedication to environmental sustainability and an intimate, unbreakable bond with the Friulian territory. The winery's six hectares in Ruttars, Dolegna del Collio, stand as a testament to the difference that a deep connection with the land can make in the life of a winery.

"Puro, secondo Natura" (Pure, according to Nature) is not just a slogan but a guiding principle for Villa Parens. Understanding and respecting nature, rather than manipulating it to fit our limitations, is the origin of their philosophy. For over fifty years, this approach has driven them to interpret and support an idea, giving it a clear and precise identity. Quality in their wines is not created; it is inherent in nature, entrusted to them to be extracted, enhanced, and interpreted, but never altered.

At Wine Affairs, we recognize the unique value of Villa Parens Winery and invite other wine distributors to partner with us in bringing these exceptional wines to a wider audience. Our shared commitment to quality, sustainability, and the celebration of terroir can help spread the message of responsible and exquisite winemaking.

Additionally, we are always on the lookout for passionate wine enthusiasts and skilled salespeople to join our team. If you have a love for wine and a talent for sales, Wine Affairs offers an exciting opportunity to delve into the world of fine wines and share this passion with others.

In conclusion, Villa Parens Winery is not just about producing wine; it's about creating a legacy that respects and enhances the natural qualities of the Friulian terroir. For those interested in exploring the unique flavors of Villa Parens or seeking a personalized wine experience, we encourage you to reach out to Nello at Wine Affairs. Visit us at for more information and to start your journey through the exquisite world of Friulian wines.

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