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Villa Canestrari: A Century and a Half of Wine Mastery

At Wine Affairs, we are proud to distribute the esteemed wines of Villa Canestrari, a vineyard steeped in 150 years of winemaking tradition. Situated in the Illasi Valley, the unique intersection of limestone terrain from Valpolicella and volcanic soil from Soave bestows upon Villa Canestrari an unmatched advantage. This geographical blessing allows the production of both Valpolicella and Soave wines, each reflecting the distinct characteristics imparted by the soil.

The inception of Villa Canestrari dates back to 1888, marking a pivotal moment when Carlo Bonuzzi, the paterfamilias, graduated from the Royal School of Winemaking at Conegliano Veneto. His expertise and passion for winemaking transformed the family’s engagement in viticulture, leading to the bottling and selling of their wines, a legacy visible in the labels showcased in their wine museum.

As time marched forward, the union of the Bonuzzi and Franchi families, both bearing over a century of winemaking history, gave birth to Villa Canestrari in the 1990s. This merger not only symbolized the amalgamation of two rich histories but also marked the beginning of a new era that embraced the local terroir, tradition, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Today, Villa Canestrari stands as a testament to the dedication of four generations. The current custodians of this legacy continue to uphold the values and practices instilled by their ancestors. With a focus on environmental sustainability, the family ensures that each bottle of wine is a reflection of their respect for nature and the art of winemaking.

Join Our Journey:

Wine Affairs is excited to extend an invitation to wine distributors and enthusiasts who share our passion for quality and tradition. We are looking for partners who are eager to explore and distribute these exceptional Italian wines. Additionally, we are seeking motivated wine enthusiasts and sales professionals who are passionate about joining our team. This is a unique opportunity to become a part of a story that intertwines the richness of Italian wine heritage with modern innovation. Let's continue the legacy of Villa Canestrari together, sharing its exquisite wines with the world. 🍷 #WineAffairs #VillaCanestrari #WineDistributorsWelcome

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