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Vigneto Serradivaglio: The Birthplace of Arturo Bersano's Spumante Legacy

Nestled within the verdant landscapes of Incisa Scapaccino and stretching towards Vaglio Serra lies Vigneto Serradivaglio, a vineyard that holds a special place in the heart of Piedmont's wine history. Encompassing 4 hectares of meticulously nurtured land, this vineyard is renowned as one of Arturo Bersano's initial forays into cultivating Brachetto grapes, specifically selected for the production of the base wine for his celebrated Spumante wines.

Situated at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, Vigneto Serradivaglio benefits from a south-west exposure, basking in ample sunlight that enhances the ripening of the Brachetto grapes. The vineyard's sandy-loose soils offer excellent drainage, creating a terroir that is uniquely suited to producing grapes with the ideal balance of sweetness and acidity—a critical component for crafting the exquisite base wine that defines Bersano's Spumante.

The focus on Brachetto grapes at Vigneto Serradivaglio underscores a commitment to tradition and quality, ensuring that each bottle of Spumante emanates a refined effervescence and aromatic richness that is both distinctive and memorable. This dedication to excellence and the art of Spumante making is a testament to Arturo Bersano's vision and enduring legacy in the world of Italian winemaking.

At Wine Affairs, a premier wine distributor located in Manhattan's Upper West Side, we are proud to bring the legacy of Vigneto Serradivaglio to wine enthusiasts in New York City. Our curated selection reflects our commitment to showcasing wines that are not only of the highest quality but also embody the rich history and craftsmanship of their origins.

We invite you to explore the nuanced flavors and sparkling elegance of wines derived from Vigneto Serradivaglio's Brachetto grapes. For a personalized wine consultation or to learn more about our collection, reach out to our knowledgeable team at Wine Affairs. Discover the depth of our passion for exceptional wines at

As Wine Affairs looks to the future, we are excited to expand our partnerships with wine distributors who share our enthusiasm for sustainable and quality-driven winemaking. Moreover, we are continually searching for passionate wine professionals and salespeople eager to join our team. If you are inspired by the storied tradition of Italian wine or seeking a unique wine experience, we encourage you to connect with us.

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