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Unveiling the Richness of Nerimatti Salice Salentino by Paololeo: A Wine Affairs Exploration

Nerimatti Salice Salentino by Paololeo captures the essence of the Negroamaro grape, famed in the Salento region of Italy. This Riserva wine, matured in both barriques and large oak barrels for at least 24 months, features a complex blend that predominantly includes Negroamaro, accented by other local black grape varieties. The result is a deep ruby red wine, with garnet hues, that eloquently expresses the characteristics of its region.

The wine presents an intense bouquet of ripe black fruits, particularly black cherry and plum, enriched with layers of licorice and vanilla. This richness is well-structured on the palate, offering a full and harmonious taste with velvety tannins that culminate in a persistent spicy finish. The aging process in oak not only softens the tannins but also enhances the wine's elegant structure, making it an ideal companion to robust dishes such as well-seasoned meats and aged cheeses.

Experience Nerimatti Salice Salentino with Wine Affairs

At Wine Affairs, we are proud to showcase the Nerimatti Salice Salentino, a testament to traditional winemaking techniques combined with modern innovation. For those interested in discovering the depth of Italian wines or seeking to enrich their wine collection, we invite you to explore this exquisite selection. Contact Nello at for personalized recommendations and to learn more about our commitment to bringing unique and authentic wines to our customers.

Indulge in the Legacy: Nerimatti Salice Salentino by Paololeo

Discover the tradition and passion behind every bottle of Nerimatti Salice Salentino. Let this wine transport you to the heart of Puglia with its rich flavors and storied heritage.

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