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Unveiling the Next Chapter: Wine Affairs Joins Forces with Grapes and Greens

Wine Affairs is ecstatic to share some thrilling news that is set to redefine your wine experience. We have merged with the accomplished Grapes and Greens, an evolution that brings a broader portfolio, a stronger sales team, and expanded distribution channels.

A merger often sparks questions: What changes? What remains? At the core, our essence remains untouched. We still embody the quality and service you've come to expect from Wine Affairs. What changes is the scope of what we can offer. The merger enables us to present an even broader range of exquisite wines, thanks to Grapes and Greens' exceptional catalog.

One of the most immediate benefits is the amplification of our sales force. And you’ll be pleased to know that every one of our dedicated sales representatives will remain onboard, lending their in-depth knowledge to provide you with tailored solutions for your wine needs.

Geography is another aspect where we are pushing the boundaries. Beyond our well-established market in New York, we are now making waves in New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and California. This geographic expansion offers an exciting opportunity to establish new partnerships and enrich existing ones in these thriving markets.

In terms of leadership, Nello Tizzano, the charismatic owner of Wine Affairs, will steer the ship as the President, while John King will be instrumental in his role, contributing years of industry experience. Together, they envision a future ripe with possibilities and marked by an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

We are excited, optimistic, and energized for what the future holds. This merger is a significant leap forward, and we can't wait to bring you along for this extraordinary journey. For more information about what’s next, reach out to us at (914) 472-2671 or explore our enriched offerings at

To all our partners and patrons, thank you for your continued trust. The best is yet to come. Cheers!

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