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The Sparkling Spectrum: Understanding Spumante and Prosecco Styles

In the world of sparkling wines, understanding terms like "Spumante," "Extra Dry," and "Brut" is key to appreciating their unique flavors and styles. At Wine Affairs, a premier wine distributor located in Manhattan's Upper West Side, we are dedicated to demystifying these terms for our clientele. Let's explore the nuances of these classifications, particularly in Prosecco, and highlight the distinct qualities of the Serrai DOCG Extra Dry Spumante Prosecco and the Brunei Brut DOCG Prosecco.

Understanding Sparkling Wine Classifications:

"Spumante," the Italian term for sparkling wine, encompasses a variety of effervescent wines. The "Extra Dry" label on a Spumante typically suggests a slightly sweeter taste profile than its "Brut" counterpart, which is drier. This sweetness is measured in grams of sugar per liter.

The Serrai DOCG Extra Dry Spumante Prosecco exemplifies this style with an alcohol volume of 11.5%, a balanced sulphur dioxide content (90/95 mg/l), and a sugar content of 14.5 gr/l. Its subtly sweet yet crisp profile makes it an ideal choice for aperitifs or celebratory moments.

Conversely, the "Brut" classification signifies a drier taste. The Brunei Brut DOCG Prosecco is a testament to this, maintaining an alcohol volume of 11.5%, a sulphur dioxide content of 95 mg/l, and a lower sugar level of just 8 gr/l. This Prosecco is a quintessential representation of La Tordera's terroir, perfect for those who appreciate a more sophisticated, less sweet sparkling wine.

A Call to Partnerships and Opportunities:

At Wine Affairs, we not only provide an array of Proseccos but also seek to expand our network of partnerships with wine distributors who share our passion for quality wines. We believe in fostering relationships that enhance the wine experience for all involved.

Additionally, we are always looking for wine enthusiasts and sales professionals to join our team. If you have a passion for wine and a desire to delve deeper into the world of Italian sparkling wines, we invite you to consider a career with Wine Affairs.

For anyone interested in exploring our collection or seeking a tailored wine consultation, visit or contact Nello. Dive into the sparkling world of Prosecco with Wine Affairs, where every bottle tells a story of tradition, taste, and excellence.

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