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Tacorosso Negroamaro by Paololeo: A Celebration of Puglian Viticulture

The Tacorosso Negroamaro by Paololeo encapsulates the essence of the Salento peninsula, a hotspot of Italian winemaking in the heart of Puglia. This wine is meticulously crafted from the Negroamaro grape, which is revered in the region for its robust structure and depth of flavor. The Tacorosso Negroamaro stands out with its deep ruby color, enriched with violet nuances that speak to its vitality and youth.

On the nose, this wine delivers an impressive array of aromas, from ripe dark fruits like blackberries and plums to intricate spicy and smoky undertones that testify to its maturation in oak barrels. These elements converge to create a wine that is not only complex but also deeply engaging. The palate is greeted with a powerful yet refined structure, characterized by velvety tannins and a balanced acidity that culminates in a lingering, flavorful finish.

Discover Tacorosso Negroamaro with Wine Affairs

At Wine Affairs, we are committed to offering wines that not only exemplify top quality but also reflect the rich winemaking traditions of their regions. The Tacorosso Negroamaro is a prime example of this, showcasing the unique terroir of Salento. This wine is perfect for those who appreciate the harmony of intense flavors and structured elegance. For personalized consultations or to learn more about our curated wine selection, reach out to Nello at

Experience the Rich Tapestry of Flavors: Tacorosso Negroamaro by Paololeo

Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with robust dishes such as grilled meats, aged cheeses, or hearty pasta, Tacorosso Negroamaro promises a wine experience that is both enriching and memorable. It embodies the warmth of the Puglian sun and the character of its storied land, making it a must-try for enthusiasts seeking to delve into Italian red wines.

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