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Rosa Rosse Sparkling Rosato Brut by Paololeo: A Toast to Salento's Vibrant Effervescence

Rosa Rosse Sparkling Rosato Brut by Paololeo is a sparkling gem from the heart of Salento, capturing the essence of Negroamaro rosé grapes. This elegantly crafted sparkling wine displays a pale pink hue and a fine, persistent perlage, making it visually appealing. It exudes a bouquet of delicate wild berries, notably strawberries and raspberries, which infuse it with a fresh and aromatic profile.

On the palate, Rosa Rosse is refreshingly acidic, perfectly balancing the savory notes with its gentle softness. This complexity is complemented by a long and pleasing finish of red fruits, leaving a memorable taste that calls for celebration. It is exceptionally versatile, pairing wonderfully with diverse culinary delights, from seafood appetizers to pasta dishes with seafood, and even light white meats and seasonal vegetables. Desserts such as dry pastries and creamy preparations like cheesecakes find a delightful companion in this wine, thanks to its well-rounded acidity.

Explore Rosa Rosse with Wine Affairs

At Wine Affairs, we celebrate the diversity and richness of Italian sparkling wines. Rosa Rosse Sparkling Rosato Brut stands out for its ability to blend tradition with a modern twist, making it suitable for both traditional festive occasions and casual gatherings. For more details or to arrange a tasting, connect with Nello at

Elevate Your Moments: Rosa Rosse Sparkling Rosato Brut by Paololeo

Indulge in the elegance of Rosa Rosse, and let each sip transport you to the picturesque landscapes of Puglia. Whether it's a special celebration or an ordinary day made special, this wine promises to add a sparkle to your occasions.

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