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Reviving Tradition: Tenuta Mannino di Plachi’s Winemaking Legacy in Sicily

Nestled in the verdant Piana di Catania, Tenuta Mannino di Plachi is a jewel in the crown of Sicilian winemaking, boasting a legacy that dates back to the early 19th century. Under the stewardship of baron Franz Mannino, the estate's wines garnered international acclaim, earning prestigious accolades and placing them on the global wine map. 

At Wine Affairs, positioned in the heart of Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY, we take immense pride in representing Tenuta Mannino di Plachi's wines. Each bottle from this estate is not just a drink but a narrative of history, echoing the rich discussions that once resonated within the villa’s walls, hosting notables like Giovanni Verga and Ettore Majorana.

The estate’s palmento, an ancient wine press, symbolizes the heart of familial gatherings during harvest. Here, joy and tradition blend seamlessly, with neighbors and friends coming together to celebrate and partake in an age-old ritual of winemaking. This fusion of ancient practices and modern innovation exemplifies the essence of Tenuta Mannino di Plachi.

The Tenuta del Gelso, the cornerstone of the estate, serves as an innovative agricultural hub, illustrating the Mannino family's deep-rooted commitment to viticulture and history. Guests at the estate are treated not just to fine wines but to a storied experience that captures the soul of Sicily.

Wine Affairs warmly invites wine distributors to partner with us in bringing the unique story and flavors of Tenuta Mannino di Plachi’s wines to a wider audience. We are also seeking passionate wine enthusiasts and skilled sales professionals to join our team, to aid in the narration of this rich Sicilian legacy.

To explore the volcanic landscapes and historical narratives encapsulated in Tenuta Mannino di Plachi’s wines, or for a tailored consultation, please visit Allow Nello, our guide to the world of fine wines, to lead you through a sensory journey that transcends time and place.

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