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Pinot Nero by Villa Parens: A Symphony of Elegance and Tradition

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Ruttars in the Collio region, Villa Parens presents its exquisite Pinot Nero, a wine that epitomizes the harmony of elegance and tradition. As a leading wine distributor, Wine Affairs, located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, takes pride in bringing this exceptional creation from Villa Parens to the discerning palates of wine lovers.

Villa Parens' Pinot Nero is a testament to the winery's dedication to quality and craftsmanship. The wine exudes an elegant and delicate aroma, a bouquet rich with the scents of underbrush, blackberries, raspberries, and wild strawberries. This aromatic profile is a prelude to its harmonious and velvety flavor, marking it as a wine of grand class and extreme finesse.

The journey of Villa Parens' Pinot Nero from vine to bottle is one of meticulous care and precision. The grapes undergo initial aging in steel containers, followed by further maturation in the bottle. This process ensures that the wine's natural characteristics are preserved and its complexity is enhanced, making each sip a memorable experience.

Vinification of this Pinot Nero is conducted with the utmost attention to detail. Fermented as a red wine at a controlled temperature of 26°C and undergoing complete malolactic fermentation, the wine achieves a perfect balance of acidity and complexity. It is ideally served at a cellar temperature of 16°C, offering a refreshing and nuanced experience, particularly delightful in the summer months.

The versatility of Villa Parens' Pinot Nero shines through in its food pairings. It complements a wide array of dishes, from meat-based first courses, risottos, and pastas to poultry and roasted meats. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for both casual and formal dining settings.

Referred to as "The King in Midnight Blue Smoking," this Pinot Nero is a product of its unique terroir. The vineyards, situated at an elevation of 100 meters above sea level, benefit from the soil's rich composition of marl and sandstone, known locally as “ponca.” This, combined with the region's mild climate, significant temperature variations, and good ventilation, contributes to the grape's distinctive profile.

At Wine Affairs, we are excited to extend an invitation to fellow wine distributors to partner with us in bringing the unique story and exquisite taste of Villa Parens' Pinot Nero to a wider audience. Our shared commitment to showcasing quality wines is a journey we cherish and eagerly share.

Additionally, we are always seeking passionate wine enthusiasts and skilled salespeople to join our team. If you have a love for fine wines and a talent for sales, Wine Affairs offers a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of premium wines and share this passion with others.

In conclusion, Villa Parens' Pinot Nero is not just a wine; it's a celebration of the art of winemaking, a symbol of refinement, and a tribute to the rich winemaking heritage of Friuli. For those interested in exploring the unique flavors of Villa Parens' Pinot Nero or seeking a personalized wine experience, we encourage you to reach out to Nello at Wine Affairs. Visit us at for more information and to embark on a journey through the world of elegant wines.

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