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Pairing Perfection: Discovering Piedmont Wines with Wine Affairs

Piedmont, Italy's revered winemaking region, is home to some of the most sophisticated and diverse wines in the world. The terroir-driven wines of Piedmont, including those meticulously crafted by Bersano, offer a spectrum of flavors that beautifully complement a wide range of cuisines. Through Wine Affairs, connoisseurs and novices alike can embark on a gastronomic journey, discovering the perfect pairings that elevate both the dish and the wine to new heights. This guide explores the art of pairing Piedmontese wines with various cuisines, showcasing the versatility of Bersano's wines available through Wine Affairs.

 Barbera d'Asti: The Versatile Companion

Bersano's Barbera d'Asti is celebrated for its high acidity and robust fruit flavors, making it a versatile companion to a variety of dishes. This wine pairs splendidly with tomato-based pasta dishes, offering a counterbalance to the acidity of the tomatoes. Its versatility extends to meaty dishes, such as grilled sausages or a hearty lasagna, enhancing the richness of the meal.

 Barolo: The King of Wines

The Nebbiolo-based Barolo, with its complex bouquet of rose petals, tar, and deep cherry flavors, is a match made in heaven for truffle dishes, a specialty of the Piedmont region. The tannic structure of Barolo beautifully complements the texture of red meats. Try it with a braised beef short rib or a mushroom risotto for a pairing that celebrates the depth and elegance of both the wine and the dish.

 Moscato d'Asti: A Light Embrace

The lightly sparkling, sweet Moscato d'Asti offers a delightful contrast to spicy cuisines. Its sweetness soothes the heat, making it an excellent match for Asian dishes with a kick. It also pairs wonderfully with fruity desserts, enhancing the natural sweetness and providing a refreshing finish.

 Nebbiolo: The Aromatic Marvel

Nebbiolo, the grape behind Barolo, offers a more approachable option with its aromatic complexity and delicate structure. It pairs beautifully with aged cheeses and charcuterie, allowing the nuances of both the wine and the food to shine through. A mushroom-based dish or anything with a rich, savory umami flavor will also complement Nebbiolo's profile.


Ruchè: The Hidden Gem

The aromatic Ruchè, with its unique floral and spicy notes, is a hidden gem of the Piedmont region. This wine pairs well with aromatic herbs and gamey meats. A dish of roasted lamb or duck, seasoned with rosemary or thyme, will bring out the best in Ruchè, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Wine Affairs invites you to explore the art of pairing with our selection of Bersano's Piedmontese wines. Each bottle offers a unique opportunity to discover the exquisite compatibility between Piedmont wines and a global palette of flavors. Visit us at to learn more about our curated wine selection and to embark on your own pairing adventure.

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