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La Tordera Winery: A Century of Prosecco Excellence in Veneto

In the picturesque hills of Valdobbiadene, the heart of the Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG production area between Venice and the Dolomites, lies La Tordera Winery – a name synonymous with exceptional Prosecco and a century-old story of a family's bond with their land. As a key wine distributor in Upper West Side, Manhattan, Wine Affairs is proud to share the history and essence of La Tordera with our esteemed clients.

Founded over a century ago, La Tordera has been the Vettoretti family's labor of love, uniting man with nature to produce each bottle of exquisite Prosecco. The winery's name itself is steeped in history, originating from a rolling hill in the Cartizze area, where thrushes would search for food among the vine rows. This hill, known as Tordera, was once home to a bird snare, and while the snare no longer exists, the name has remained, etched in the collective memory and forming the roots of La Tordera.

The journey of La Tordera began in 1918 when great-grandfather Bepi planted the first vines on the Tordera hill. Through the years, each generation of the Vettoretti family has contributed to the winery's growth and innovation. In 2001, under the stewardship of Pietro Vettoretti and Mirella Anna Vettorello, the La Tordera winery was officially founded. Just two years later, in 2003, La Tordera exported its first bottle abroad, marking the beginning of its global journey.

Over the years, La Tordera has expanded its operations and facilities, always with a keen eye on sustainability and environmental harmony. The winery's green approach and respect for tradition have been pivotal in its operations. In 2018, La Tordera celebrated the 100-year anniversary of its first vine being planted, opened a new reception area, and achieved the prestigious CasaClima Wine certification, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable winemaking.

Join Our Journey at Wine Affairs

Wine Affairs is continuously expanding our horizons and we invite wine distributors who share our passion for exceptional wines to join us. This collaboration offers a unique opportunity to bring La Tordera's superior Prosecco to a broader audience. We also welcome wine enthusiasts and aspiring sales professionals to explore career opportunities with us, contributing to the rich narrative of wine distribution and appreciation.

To explore La Tordera's exquisite Prosecco range and for a customized wine consultation, or to discuss partnership and career opportunities, please visit Let us guide you through a world where each sip tells a story. #LaTorderaWinery #SustainableWine #WineAffairsNYC

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