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Exploring Wine Ageing Trends: From Qvevri to Barriques

In the heart of Georgia, amidst towering qvevris, a renaissance of winemaking tradition unfolds. Join us on a journey through the evolving landscape of wine ageing, from ancient vessels to modern barrels.

 Qvevri Resurgence 

In Kakheti, Georgia, the art of qvevri-making thrives. Crafted by hand, these clay vessels have captured the imagination of winemakers worldwide. At Wine Affairs, we celebrate the resurgence of qvevri ageing, embracing tradition and innovation in every sip.

 Barriques: Tradition vs. Modernity 

Once a symbol of fine winemaking, barriques now face scrutiny in low-intervention wine circles. While some cherish their influence on wine, others seek neutrality in ageing vessels like concrete. At Wine Affairs, we believe in a balance of tradition and modernity, offering a diverse range of ageing options for every palate.

 Diversity in Ageing Approaches 

From oak to stainless steel, the world of wine ageing is diverse and dynamic. Our curated selection reflects this richness, allowing wine enthusiasts to explore terroir and varietal expression with every pour.

 Join Us in Redefining Wine Ageing 

At Wine Affairs, we're passionate about exploring new trends and techniques in wine ageing. Join us in redefining the art of winemaking and discover a world of possibilities in every bottle.

 Connect with Us 

For customized consultation, inquiries, or more information, visit and reach out to Nello. Let's embark on a journey of discovery together.

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