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Exploring the Depth of Susumaniello by Paololeo: A Wine Affairs Presentation

The Susumaniello by Paololeo offers a unique dive into the world of Puglian red wines, showcasing a grape that has been part of the region's viticultural heritage but only recently rediscovered for its potential in single varietal bottlings. This red wine from the Apulia region of Italy, particularly the Valle d'Itria, encapsulates a rich profile of aromas and flavors that make it stand out in the expansive world of Italian wines.

Susumaniello, meaning "little donkey" in Italian, possibly due to its historically high yields, is appreciated for its deep ruby color with purple reflections and a bouquet rich in red fruits like cherry and raspberry, enhanced by light spicy hints. The palate is greeted with a robust structure, presenting a harmonious balance of fruit flavors accented by soft and elegant tannins, making it an exquisite example of balance and complexity.

At Wine Affairs, we are excited to feature this remarkable wine, which represents the innovative spirit of winemakers like those at PaoloLeo who have embraced traditional grapes with modern viticulture techniques. Susumaniello by Paololeo not only reflects the winemaking prowess of the region but also our commitment to bringing unique, high-quality wines to our discerning clientele.

Discover Susumaniello with Wine Affairs

We encourage wine lovers and enthusiasts to explore this distinctive offering, which is perfect for those seeking to expand their palate beyond the more common varietals. For personalized advice or to learn more about our curated selection, please reach out to Nello at

Rich and Rare: Susumaniello by Paololeo

Experience the charm of Puglia through Susumaniello, a wine that promises to enhance any meal or occasion with its rich profile and elegant finish.

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