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Celebrating Tradition and Innovation: The Baracchi Winery's Tuscan Legacy

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Cortona, under the radiant Tuscan sun, The Baracchi Winery stands as a testament to a rich family legacy of winemaking that spans five generations, dating back to 1860. At the heart of this esteemed winery is Riccardo Baracchi, a visionary who has seamlessly blended the worlds of hospitality, fine dining, and wellness with the art of producing exceptional wines. Alongside his son Benedetto and the expert guidance of oenologist and agronomist Stefano Chioccioli, Riccardo has propelled Baracchi Winery into a modern era, while staying true to the soul of Tuscan winemaking.

The Baracchi Winery is more than just a vineyard; it's a celebration of the land it calls home. With vineyards gracefully sprawled across the hills facing Cortona, the winery itself offers breathtaking views of the Valdichiana below. This stunning backdrop is not just a sight to behold but the source of the winery's inspiration and success. Riccardo's passion for Cortona and his dedication to sharing the fruits of this land have led to the production of wines that are not only delicious and high-quality but also embody the essence of Tuscany.

Riccardo, Benedetto, and Stefano have meticulously identified the ideal soils for each grape variety, embracing both tradition and innovation to create a dynamic and forward-thinking company. Their approach to winemaking is a delicate balance between honoring the legacy of their ancestors and embracing new techniques to enhance the expression of their land through the seasons.

The Baracchi Winery invites wine enthusiasts from around the world to taste the evolution of an ancient family tradition. Each bottle of Baracchi wine is a mirror of the Tuscan landscape, crafted with the utmost attention to quality and genuineness. It's an invitation to experience the harmony between the land and the winemaker's art, where every sip tells a story of passion, tradition, and innovation.

At Wine Affairs, located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY, we are proud to be a wine distributor that shares the Baracchi Winery's commitment to excellence. Our curated selection of Baracchi wines offers our customers a taste of Tuscany's finest, bringing the warmth of the Tuscan sun to wine lovers everywhere. For personalized wine consultations, inquiries, or more information, reach out to Nello at Discover the world of wine with us, where quality meets passion.

We're Expanding Our Team

We are also focused on expanding our partnerships with wine distributors who value organic and sustainable winemaking practices. Furthermore, we are continually seeking passionate wine professionals and salespeople to join our team. If you are interested in a rewarding career in wine distribution or are seeking a personalized wine consultation, we encourage you to reach out to us at

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