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Cascina La Prata: Pioneering Excellence in Wine Distribution

Nestled in the heart of the prestigious wine regions of Vaglio Serra, Incisa Scapaccino, and Nizza Monferrato, Cascina La Prata stands as a testament to the rich viticultural heritage of Italy. Spanning an impressive 52 hectares, it is among the largest single-block plots in the area and a crown jewel in the portfolio of Bersano estates. Wine Affairs, a renowned wine distributor located in Manhattan's Upper West Side, is proud to bring the essence of Cascina La Prata's vineyards to wine enthusiasts across New York City.

At an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, the estate benefits from an ideal south-west exposure, fostering the growth of its meticulously cultivated Barbera and Pinot Nero vines. The composite, clay-loam soils of La Prata contribute to the distinctive character and complexity of its wines, embodying the estate's commitment to quality and sustainability.

As we, at Wine Affairs, strive to connect our clients with exceptional wines, Cascina La Prata represents the pinnacle of our curated selection. The dedication to traditional winemaking practices, combined with a forward-thinking approach to sustainability, aligns perfectly with our mission. The Barbera and Pinot Nero varieties, in particular, showcase the estate's ability to harness the unique qualities of its terroir, producing wines that are celebrated for their depth, flavor, and elegance.

We invite connoisseurs and casual wine lovers alike to explore the offerings from Cascina La Prata. For a tailored wine consultation that matches your individual tastes and preferences, reach out to our expert, Nello, at Wine Affairs. Discover more about our commitment to bringing the world's finest wines to your doorstep by visiting

In addition, as we look to the horizon, Wine Affairs is keen on forging new partnerships with wine distributors who share our passion for organic and sustainable winemaking. Our team is also growing, and we're in search of passionate wine professionals and salespeople eager to join our journey. If you're interested in a fulfilling career in wine distribution or seeking a bespoke wine consultation, don't hesitate to contact us.

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