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Bersano Farmsteads: A Mosaic of Crus in the Heart of Piedmont

In the verdant expanses between Monferrato and Langhe lies a remarkable collection of farmsteads, each a custodian of a unique piece of Italy's winemaking heritage. Bersano's farmsteads, ten in total, span across 230 hectares of vineyards, embodying the essence of what makes this region a bastion of viticultural excellence. These farmsteads are not just parcels of land; they are Bersano's crus, territories defined by their incredible qualitative consistency that breathes life into the esteemed selections and reserves of Bersano wines.

Rooted in tradition, most of Bersano's vineyards extend in a single block around these grand farmsteads, perched atop the hills as they have been for centuries. This continuity of land and cultivation practices has preserved the uniformity of the soils and the consistency of the microclimates, lending each farmstead its distinct character. It is this unique combination of soil composition and climate conditions that imbues the wines produced from each crus with a singular character, a reflection of the land from which they are born.

The concept of crus in winemaking underscores the profound relationship between wine and its terroir. At Bersano, this relationship is honored and celebrated, with each farmstead producing wine that is a testament to the distinctiveness of its territory. From the sun-drenched slopes of Cascina La Generala in Agliano Terme to the historical vineyards of Cascina La Cremosina in Nizza Monferrato, each estate contributes to the rich tapestry of Bersano's wine portfolio.

Bersano's commitment to maintaining the integrity of each farmstead, alongside a dedication to sustainable and traditional winemaking practices, ensures that the wines not only express the depth and complexity of their origins but also carry forward the legacy of Piedmontese wine culture.

At Wine Affairs, we are privileged to bring the extraordinary wines of Bersano's farmsteads to the discerning wine lovers of New York City. Our curated selection is a homage to the diversity and excellence of Piedmont's terroir, offering our clientele an opportunity to explore the nuanced world of Italian wines.

We invite you to journey with us through the crus of Bersano farmsteads, discovering the unique story and flavor profile of each wine. For a personalized consultation or to learn more about our offerings, visit us at Experience the tradition, innovation, and passion that define Bersano's wines.

As we continue to foster partnerships with wine distributors who share our reverence for the land and its fruits, Wine Affairs is also expanding our team. We are in search of passionate wine professionals and salespeople driven by the love of wine and a commitment to excellence. If you're inspired by the world of wine and are seeking a fulfilling career in wine distribution, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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