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Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Riserva 1888: A Legacy in Every Bottle

The world of wine is rich with history and tradition, and few wines embody this legacy as profoundly as the Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Riserva 1888. At Wine Affairs, a distinguished wine distributor located in Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY, we are thrilled to feature this exceptional wine that speaks volumes of Italian winemaking heritage.

The journey of creating Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Riserva begins in the scenic Illasi Valley. Here, the alluvial soils enriched with calcareous marine rocks create an ideal terroir for vineyards. The process starts in mid-September when the loosely-packed bunches of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and other varieties are meticulously handpicked and then placed in small crates. This careful selection ensures that only the best grapes contribute to the Amarone's distinguished character.

What sets this wine apart is its unique drying process known as 'appassimento.' The grapes are left to dry in the 'fruttaio,' a perfect environment that allows them to concentrate their flavors and sugars, laying the foundation for the wine's richness and depth. This process imparts Amarone with its distinctive full, warm, and velvety taste profile.

After the drying phase, the grapes undergo roller crushing and destemming, followed by fermentation in temperature-controlled vats. The wine then embarks on a long maceration journey, with daily racking, allowing it to develop its complex and robust flavor profile. This labor of love continues with an extended aging process in oak barriques and tonneaux for at least 36 months, followed by a significant period of bottle maturation. This meticulous process results in a wine with a formidable 16.5% alcohol volume.

Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Riserva is more than just a wine; it's an experience. Its deep ruby red color with garnet highlights, a bouquet that's spicy and typical, and a taste that's full, warm, and velvety, with a slightly toasted finish, make it an ideal companion for grilled and hearty meats, roasts, game dishes, and very mature, strongly-flavored cheeses. It's a meditation wine that invites you to reflect on the richness of its heritage with each sip.

Join the Journey with Wine Affairs

At Wine Affairs, we extend a warm invitation to wine distributors and passionate sales professionals to partner with us. Our portfolio, rich with exceptional wines like the Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Riserva, offers a unique opportunity to bring the best of Italian winemaking to a wider audience. Join us in this journey of exquisite taste and heritage, and let's write the next chapter of wine distribution together.

For those interested in exploring this exquisite wine and our diverse collection, for customized consultation or more information, reach out to Nello at Embark on a journey through the realms of Italian winemaking, where each bottle tells a story of tradition and excellence. #WineAffairs #AmaroneElegance #ItalianWineHeritage

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