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A Toast to New Horizons: Wine Affairs Merges with Grapes and Greens

We're elated to share the news of a landmark development in our journey; Wine Affairs has recently merged with Grapes and Greens. This is a momentous occasion for both companies and, most importantly, for you—our treasured clients and partners.

Our new partnership enhances our ability to serve you by bringing together the best of both worlds. Wine Affairs, already a name synonymous with quality and excellence, gains a fortified portfolio through Grapes and Greens. Their strengths in different wine categories will offer our customers an even wider selection of wines to choose from.

We recognize that a strong sales team is the backbone of any successful business. With the merger, we inherit a formidable sales force, well-versed in the nuances of the wine industry, thereby enhancing our capabilities. Notably, all our sales representatives will continue to be a part of this exciting journey, ensuring a seamless transition and ongoing expertise.

Besides, the merger opens up new avenues for distribution. While we continue to maintain our robust presence in New York, we are thrilled to announce that we can now operate in New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, and California as well. These regions promise to offer an array of opportunities for expanding our customer base and fulfilling a broader range of needs.

Leading the charge in this ambitious endeavor are Nello Tizzano and John King. Together, they form a formidable duo with deep industry expertise and a vision centered on excellence and customer satisfaction.

So, here's to new beginnings. A journey that promises an elevated experience and a broader spectrum of offerings. We couldn't be more excited for what the future holds and we're committed to bringing you unparalleled value and service in this next chapter of our story.

For more details, or to experience the enriched portfolio yourself, reach out to us at (914) 472-2671 or explore our offerings at

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